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Our Prices

Don't you hate it when you see something you want to buy, but then you look at the price and you're like WTF? Our belief is that T-shirts should not be expensive, but you should get what you pay for.


Be Positive's Four Principles of Quality

Be Positive is based on four principles: quality designs, quality garments, quality printing, and a quality customer fulfillment experience. If any one of these principles are removed, the others become meaningless.

On some online T-shirt stores you might find a cool graphic on a cheap tee and think it's a great deal, but if the shirt fabric is low quality, rough and scratchy, you're gonna feel uncomfortable and you'll never wear the shirt. Been there, done that.

Cheap Shirts = Cheap Feel = Cheap Experience

We wear our shirts ourselves and we have pretty high standards, so we want to feel comfortable in our clothing as much as we want you to. So you can trust that we're investing in quality and not skimping.

We could use cheap shirts made of inferior fabric quality and save a little money, but our overall quality would suffer. The lower garment quality would create a poor customer fulfillment experience for you, and the print quality of our graphics would suffer and not be up to our standards – or yours.

We only use premium quality T-shirts made of combed ringspun cotton. It's a more expensive and more durable type of cotton which is completely different from the lower grade regular cotton that many cheap T-shirts are made of.

Trying to Keep Things Affordable

We're really trying our best to keep our prices affordable. We're based in Vancouver, all our graphics are designed in our studio, and we work with a local garment printer here in Vancouver to print and ship your shirt(s). We like keeping things local and supporting local businesses and our Canadian economy.

There's a very low profit margin with graphic tees. By the time you add up the garment price and print costs, shipping costs, sales tax, and then there's the credit card transaction fees, the ecommerce platform fees, and... whoa, it all adds up really quickly! 

There are no hidden costs with us, no extra shipping costs (we offer free shipping within Canada for all orders), no surprises or add-ons, other than your local taxes GST/HST/PST depending on where you live.

Thank you for looking at our shirts, hope you see something you like.

Be positive, be happy, be kind.