Garment Care

How to care for your Be Positive graphic T-shirt

Look after your clothing and it'll last longer. Longer-lasting clothing means less environmental damage and waste, contributing to making the world a better place. That's a good thing, right? 

Wash Inside Out: Always wash your Be Positive T-shirt inside out so the graphic doesn't get damaged. 

Washing Temperature: Machine wash cold is what the manufacturer recommends on the label, but to be honest that's the best way to wash all your clothes anyway. In a recently published study, scientists from the University of Leeds determined the best way to keep clothes looking fresh for as long as possible is to use the coldest and shortest wash cycle.  

Bleach? That's a definite no-no. There's no good reason to use bleach and the garment label says Do Not Bleach. If you have spots you want to remove from any garment, it's better to use a stain remover pen or a liquid spray stain remover.

Say no to tumble drying! The manufacturer says tumble dry low, but savvy folks know that drying can speed up the aging process of your t-shirt because fabric fibres shrink in heat. We recommend you hang dry your shirt naturally, or sometimes we do a combination: tumble dry on low for a few minutes, then hang dry while the shirt is still damp.

Don't bother ironing unless you really want to! Cool Iron is what it says on the label, but do not iron the graphic. If you really must, then iron the graphic with the shirt inside-out on the lowest possible setting, or place a tea towel over the graphic to protect it. You probably don't need to iron your t-shirt anyway. Many people don’t bother. To reduce wrinkles in clothing, make sure you don't overload your washing machine with too many items.

And dry-cleaning? Seriously? Who dry-cleans T-shirts anyway!