Our Story

Be Positive Apparel started in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, when we found ourselves unable to work and with a whole lot of time on our hands. We had always been curious about creating an online clothing store focusing on graphic t-shirts, but never had the time to pursue the idea, until suddenly we had a lot of time! So we combined our technical and creative skills, tackled the steep learning curve, and Be Positive was born.

When we began we were inspired by the different expressions and words of encouragement people around the world were using to support each other during the pandemic. For instance in Italy people were saying "Andrà Tutto Bene" which translates to "Everything will be OK" in English. Similarly in Wuhan, China, people were calling out "加油" which translates to "Add oil" but as an expression it has a meaning like "Keep up the fight" or 'Don't give up'.

So we designed a few simple shirts featuring expressions like these and the popularity of this first batch of pandemic-themed shirts encouraged us to keep designing and to continue growing our range of shirts with more ideas, different themes and graphics. Pretty soon we were totally hooked on designing t-shirts and loving the design challenge it presents in terms of getting an idea across within a small space format and using just the fundamental elements of text and a graphic. It's like the haiku of graphic design.


SHOP CANADIAN: Support small businesses and support our Canadian economy. 

Be Positive is based in Vancouver, and we produce one-of-a-kind graphic T-shirts with messages of hope, health and humour. Unlike other online T-shirt stores which print and ship their shirts from the US or Asia, we like to keep things local by supporting local businesses and our Canadian economy.

Our shirt graphics are designed in Vancouver and we work with a local garment printer here in Vancouver to print our shirts and ship them directly to you. We sell only within Canada and all our prices are in Canadian dollars so you don't have to worry about trying to figure out rates of exchange with US dollars.

Thank you for looking at our shirts. Be positive, be happy, be kind.